Nte Ltd are distributors and installers of Bosch public address equipment
NTE is a leading distributor of Bosch public address systems.

This site is designed to provide potential customers with detailed information about the complete range of
Bosch Security Systems (formerly Philips CSI) equipment that we offer. Whether you simply require a replacement part or a complete system, we can help you. We are UK based, but work with companies all over the world, for more information about our services see our contact us page. For additional information our quotation assistance please do not hesitate to email our Bosch team.
Bosch public address and voice evacuation products....
link to plena public address systems   link to sound management and legacy systems
link to plena public address systems   link to sound management and legacy systems
The Bosch family of Plena public address equipment is a plug and play solution for small to medium sized PA applications. You can choose from a complete family of system elements that can be easily built into versatile sound system .>>   A wide range of Bosch (formerly Philips) sound management systems and amplifiers are supported by NTE Ltd. From the latest digital Praesideo, suitable for sophisticated sound management and voice evacuation to older legacy products like the Philips SM25B, SM30, SM40 and the SQ45 power or booster amplifiers. Click here to see the full range. >>
link to bosch loudspeakers    
link to bosch loudspeakers    
A huge range of loudspeakers are available, including: ceiling, horn, cabinet and the latest Bosch Intellivox DDC loudspeakers. The size and quantity of loudspeakers that you select will determine the size of amplifier you need to complete your installation. To see the full loudspeaker range click here >>    
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NTE are mail order suppliers of a wide range of communications products including Bosch (formerly Philips) Plena PA equipment, sound management, Praesideo evacuation, fibre cables and conference systems. Follow this link for more information about our company - >>   Bosch DCN, 'The art of Congress.' If you are looking for a conference system or language interpretation, distribution and voting, Concentus is the distinctive new face of digital congress management. Visit our related product website at - >>
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Details of how to purchase public address and sound management systems from NTE - >>   How to contact us and where to find us...>>
For more information about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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